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If someone were to ask me what free writing is, my best explanation would be this…

Sit down, take out a pencil, paper, marker, crayon, and just write.

Either set a time limit for yourself, or write until you can’t write anymore.

Don't think about what you are doing.
Just feel, and let your feelings form words.
Free writing is the act of putting to words what you feel.

It doesn’t have to be neat;
it doesn’t have to be in full sentences, correct punctuation and grammar.
The only think it has to do, is come from you...
somewhere inside of you, that maybe you didn’t even know existed.

I usually do this just before I go to bed, when I know my thoughts will keep me up all night.
I write until I feel empty, and then shut the my notebook and go to sleep without reading it.
I have to tell you honestly, some of those nights have been the best sleep I have ever gotten.
The best time to do it, is when you are have an extreme feeling inside of you,
or when you have too many feelings that you can’t exactly sort out.

There is no right, there is no wrong, you just do it.

So if this is something you think you might like to try, join free_writers.

I would like to remind you all to respect everyone.
Everyone means everyone, not just the members of this community.
If that is hard for you to do, please do not join.

Also, when you post your entries to this community
you can select the "friends" option under security if you would like to keep things private.

And if you join you do not have to write right away, but you do have write eventually.
I would like people to feel that this community is a safe place to share what is going on inside of them with others.

If you have any questions, ideas, or anything to add to the interests list
you may instant message me on my screen name: memorydive.
You can also email me: skeye_high227@juno.com

If you are unsure about joining, go and try it.
Even if you aren’t interested in the community I suggest trying it at least once.
It may surprise you.

- Kristen